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International Saray for Oriental Culture

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

About Nuriyya

1st assistant of Prof Khalil

Nuriyya, located in Brussels / Belgium “ the heart of Europe , is performing and teaching through Europe and in Egypt . She participates by performing and teaching the Egyptian Oriental Dance in Festivals in London , Frankfort , Bonn-Cologne and during the International World Congress of the CID-UNESCO in Cyprus . 5 years long, Nuriyya has been performing regularly in Hurghada / Egypt for shows for Marriage, for Christmas and the New Year's celebrations. Her dance style is marked in a decisive way as elegant, feminine and full with joy of life.She is soloist, choreographer and artistic director of the International Dance Company Nour El Amar (Brussels), organizer and sponsor of the "Ya salam " Festival in Brussels and founder / head of the International Centre of Oriental Dance Art & Culture in Brussels, which offers the first professional teacher and dancer training in Belgium Mostly Egyptian Master Teachers have trained Nuriyya as dancer and teacher in Germany and in Egypt .

Finally deeply advancing in her dance studies with the famous choreographer and master teacher Prof Dr. Hassan Khalil she became increasingly conscious of the cultural aspects and of the art of the Middle Eastern Dances and integrated this with enormously respect in her way of teaching.The didactic approach of Nuriyya bases on the pure Egyptian style (traditional and modern) while keeping always an eye on the natural and healthy feminine movements, which give a harmonious, gracefully and merry impression to the dance and in the same time concentrating on the female and archaic power in the dance.