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International Saray for Oriental Culture

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil presents

The ISOC conferencee on research in Middle Eastern / Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore provides opportunities for dance professionals from a broad range of specialties to exchange ideas, resources, and methodologies through publication, workshops, lectures, performance, exhibition.

We like to invite all dancers and dance teacher for Middle Eastern / Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore to come to Cairo, the homeland of the Middle Eastern/ Oriental Dance to share their knowledge, experience through discussions on relating topics, workshops and other activities.

Contributing a presentation (research report, lecture-demonstration, class, performance, exhibition) is optional.

It will be a big gathering of Middle Eastern dance specialist world wide, the best opportunity to showcase one’s work to a wide audience of dancers, dance teachers, choreographers, researchers, journalists and organizers

While intended primarily for professionals, it is in the same time a trade fair and a participatory event, facilitating contacts with colleagues, informal discussions and individual initiative

Not to be confused with festivals, workshop, competitions, forums or open conferences.

More info soon.

ISOC REFRESHER COURSE Febr 12 – 16, 2011

Before the conference you have the opportunity to participate on the

ISOC Teacher Refresher course from Febr 12 - Febr 16, 2011 in ISOC

a 20 hr trainings course for dance teacher, who like to refresh or deepen their knowledge by training and classes with Prof Dr Hassan Khali through new lectures themes and new choreographies.

Info and registration:

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

ISOC, The International Saray for Oriental Culture

Email: [email protected]


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